The Basics of Digital Photography

The Basics of Digital Photography

Photography used to be expensive and time consuming.  Cameras were expensive and then you had to buy film, then you had to take the time to develop the pictures, you had to wait to see if your pictures turned out.  Then along came digital cameras and the world of photography changed drastically.  Initially the first digital cameras didn’t compare to what film was producing that has all changed.  If you don’t know how the new cameras work, let’s go over the basics of digital photography.

Start with the Lighting

The most important part of photography is lighting.  How your photos turn out is going to depend on the lighting that you use.  Learning how to use and manipulate light is what will set you apart as a photographer.  There are other factors that will affect picture quality like aperture and shutter speed but in the end it all comes down to light.  Here is how you can work with light.

White Balance

Lighting is complicated, it is not just the available light but the type of light.  There is a drastic difference between natural light like sunlight and the light you can get from bulbs.  Your digital camera will come with a white balance setting and that is there to balance the color and it compensates for the light you are shooting in.  You can set it to automatic and the camera will adjust based on the available light, but you can play with settings for different effects.


Adjusting the ISO of your digital camera can help you when you are shooting in low light situations, despite the lack of light you can still manage to grab a good image.  The higher you adjust your ISO the brighter your picture will be.  When you increase the ISO you are magnifying the amount of light that hits the chip.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Like any other hobby or profession practice is the key to succeeding and the same holds true for digital photography.  Practice playing with the settings on your camera, adjust them for the amount of light.  Play around with the shutter speed to get different effects.  With a digital camera you can even play around with images after they were shot, programs like Photoshop allow you to create different effects with your images.  Digital photography is a great hobby to get into and the price of digital cameras today makes it affordable and easy to use.

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Things You Need to Know Before You Hire a Photographer

Things You Need to Know Before You Hire a Photographer

Unfortunately anybody who owns a DSLR camera who has built a website can all themselves a photographer, but that isn’t necessarily the guy that you want shooting your wedding photos.  This makes it really hard to tell the good photographers from the bad.  You need to take care hiring a potential photographer, these are the things you need to know before you hire a photographer so you get the perfect pictures.


Photographers are creative people by nature so if you’re expecting to meet a photographer wearing formal business clothes that probably isn’t going to happen.  However if you are booking a photographer for your wedding you want them to blend in so they aren’t taking attention away from the wedding itself.  Most will do this without issue, they understand the seriousness of the occasion.


Just like any other industry when it comes to photography there are specialists and generalists.  For instance some specialize in real estate photography while others specialize in just weddings.  While you can appreciate a talented photograph trying to get some experience do you really want your wedding to be the first time he takes wedding pictures?  You want someone with far more experience than that.


Each photographer really has their own style and by looking at their portfolio you can determine if that is a style that works for you.  If the portfolio is not to your taste then you might want to keep searching for a photographer.

The Interview Process

During the interview process it shouldn’t just be you asking questions, the photographer should be asking them too.  They should be asking you about the venue, the type of shoot you want to book and the type of photographs that you need.  If they are unfamiliar with the venue you have booked they should want to see it beforehand to determine the availability of light and where they can set up for the shoot.

Making the Shoot a Success

There are legitimate concerns when it comes to a photo-shoot and you are spending a lot of money to get the right pictures.  Getting the image right during the shoot is far easier and better than trying to fix it later with Photoshop.  You want images that are color correct, no red eyes.  Digital photography today is fairly technical so you need to make sure they understand the software involved.

Before you commit to a photographer ask the right questions, it will help you make sure that your photo-shoot is a success.

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